Project Horseshoe Farm – Fellowship

Project Horseshoe Farm is a non-profit organization founded on the idea that people should come together in their communities to meet the needs of children, seniors, and adults with mental illness.

Project Horseshoe Farm believes that grassroots organizations led by community based service leaders are important to providing leadership, structure, and support to help communities more effectively come together to support vulnerable members.

They are currently recruiting students for their Community Health Fellowship gap-year programs in Alabama and California and will be hosting virtual information sessions throughout December. This year’s fellowship program will begin June 26th of 2023 and finish July 12th of 2024 at the Greensboro, Perry County, and Pomona sites.

The application deadline for the 2023-24 gap-year Fellowship is on February 12th, 2023. You can find the application and more information on Handshake or at their website.

By Julia, Handshake Specialist
Julia, Handshake Specialist