New Student Resource for Language Testing at UW

While not every student at UW needs to think about world language proficiency as part of their programs, a lot of students across the University have an interest learning languages during their time here. With most (but not all!) world languages taught at UW run through the Humanities division of the College of Arts & Sciences, the Humanities Academic Services (HAS) center handles a lot of questions from across campus about how students can take placement and proficiency tests in languages to either register for classes or clear graduation requirements. The following resource might be helpful as we get ready for autumn quarter.

To help both students and their advisers, there is now a dedicated resource on how placement and proficiency testing for languages taught in the Humanities division works; just click on the language name, and you’ll find full info on how to register for a test, what’s covered, and where to go for information on next steps when a test has been completed.

As an example, Spanish is one of the most popular language programs. The page for Spanish ( has a new section specifically for students who have taken the test and are looking to learn their results.

If you have questions, reach out to the Humanities Academic Services team at

By Eli Heller (He/Him)
Eli Heller (He/Him) Career Coach