Washington universities participating in program helping BIPOC students enter law school (from K5 News)

Read the full article by Erica Zucco and/or watch the news clip on the King 5 News website to learn more about the new LSAC PLUS Program, aimed at empowering BIPOC students to enter law school. Start reading below:

“SEATTLE — A new partnership between several Washington universities is aimed at empowering students of color to enter law school.

Seattle University, University of Washington, Gonzaga University law schools and Heritage University are taking part in the LSAC Plus Program, funded by a grant from the Law School Admission Council.

The program sets students up with admissions advice, mentorship opportunities, preparation for law school and guidance as they undergo the application process.

Maria Rivera is a participant in the program. Born and raised in Yakima, she attended Heritage University, graduating with a double degree and dreams of working in the legal profession.

At first, she planned to be a paralegal, but then considered taking things further after an experience volunteering as an interpreter for an attorney.

“I was in a detention center and these women spoke Spanish, they were from Mexico or El Salvador,” Rivera said. “And they couldn’t necessarily relate with the folks who were interviewing them so me being there I think allowed that vulnerability to happen for them so I think that was needed.”

Rivera says the PLUS program has given her and her colleagues exposure to the legal profession and the desire for more diversity within it.

“I think the big part of it was picturing ourselves as BIPOC individuals in the atmosphere, in the work, a lot of us have experience working in the field but I think it was also hearing from attorneys that are BIPOC individuals, hearing their struggles and hearing its hard, but it’s worth it and we need more,” Rivera said.

Seattle University Assistant Dean of Admission Gerald Heppler says the PLUS program provides an opportunity both for students and for the law schools involved…”

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By Meaghan Wood (She/Her)
Meaghan Wood (She/Her) Career Coach