I’m In: Ready for What’s Next (From the UW School of Law Blog)

Watch the video and/or read the provided transcript to learn more about Allison’s journey as a UW Law student and what they are planning to do after graduating. Get starting with reading below:

“In spring 2019, Allison Bolgiano was a newly admitted student to UW Law’s J.D. program. She shared her hopes and plans for law school. Now, we reconnect with Bolgiano as a new graduate who is reflecting on her law school career. While her aspirations for her career have changed a bit, law school helped her rediscover her passion for the environment and inspired her to use her legal knowledge to advocate for environmental regulations.

Bolgiano worked on a case and helped write a motion for the Department of Ecology that was trying to regulate nutrients going into Puget Sound, which deplete oxygen and make the Sound less healthy for marine life. She found it rewarding to be an advocate for what she saw as a valuable form of environmental regulation. The experience, combined with her legal education, has inspired her to combine her passion for the law and her love of the outdoors.

Learn how UW Law has prepared Bolgiano for what’s next.” …

By Meaghan Wood (She/Her)
Meaghan Wood (She/Her) Career Coach