Planet Protectors – 5 UW Alumni Profiles

“With a devotion to caring for the Earth, five UW alumni are pursuing diverse career paths in preserving and improving the environment.

Across Washington state and around the world, UW alumni are following their passion to make our planet’s environment healthier, more just and more resilient.

They’re hands-on experts creating more sustainable ways of living and protecting wildlife. Policymakers shaping how we preserve our coastlines and fight climate change. And mentors cultivating a new, more diverse generation of environmentalists.

Each of these five Huskies came to the UW with a passion for the environment. They explored that passion in majors as varied as oceanography and urban studies — and discovered new interests along the way. After graduating, each has forged a unique career path, but they’re united in their commitment to improving the planet and tackling global challenges in their own communities.”


Scroll through these insightful alumni profiles that highlight five graduates of the UW so you can learn more about the passions that drove them and the outcomes of their time at the university, including what they are doing now in their current roles.

By Meaghan Wood (She/Her)
Meaghan Wood (She/Her) Career Coach