Article from KUOW | Our local seaweed is disappearing. Could farming help conserve it?

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“In 2016, Washington’s first commercial seaweed farm broke onto the scene. It was the result of unprecedented collaboration between local tribes, state agencies, marine researchers, and local conservationists. As climate change begins to threaten Puget Sound today, a robust seaweed industry in the region could help combat its most negative effects.

Seaweed has a storied history in Puget Sound. The cold water supports lush kelp forests, which are a cornerstone of the underwater ecosystems.

Historically, seaweed has been cultivated by a host of tribes in the region for food and a bevy of practical uses. But despite our ideal conditions, Washington only has a single commercial seaweed farm. That’s because the state is still figuring out how it can walk the line between growing seaweed for industrial reasons, and growing it for environmental ones.”

Read on to learn more about the environmental and economical benefits of growing seaweed in addition to the need to balance conservation efforts with the demand of industry.

By Meaghan Wood (She/Her)
Meaghan Wood (She/Her) Career Coach