Internship Corner – What to Do if your Internship Isn’t Going to Plan

As many students gear up for an internship this summer, it is important to think through your expectations of the experience. While many employers will set students up for success by developing learning goals, providing meaningful projects, giving performance feedback, and fostering connection for interns and their teams, you may find that your internship experience isn’t exactly what you expected a few weeks in.

If this is the case for you, this article by Capital Placement – Internships: What to Do If My Internship Is Not Going to Plan, has some great advice for how to work with your site supervisor to get things back on track. You are also encouraged to schedule an appointment with a Career Coach to discuss your situation and how best to approach conversation with your manager.

Internships can have a huge impact on your professional development and it is important that both you, and your employer, put in the effort to make the experience a success.

By Daniel Herb (He/Him)
Daniel Herb (He/Him) Internship Success Manager