May 26 (12-1:20pm) – Queer to Career – Workshop on Job Searching with LGBTQ+ Identity in Mind

Join Eli Heller (UW Career & Internship Center) and CJ Sanchez (General Assembly) for a workshop, hosted by the Portland State University Queer Resource Center, on job and internship searching as an LGBTQ student or recent graduate!

This workshop will provide guidance, clarity and insight on job and internship searching as an LGBTQ+ student, how to identify an LGBTQ+ inclusive employer, and how LGBTQ+ students can identify their needs and advocate for themselves before applying, while interview, and after accepting a job or internship. Topics covered will include examples of specific features that make an employer affirming of LGBTQ+ employees, how to create strong cover letters, resume and other application documents with queer identity in mind, and what resources are available to LGBTQ+ students searching for jobs and internships.

All PSU Pride events are free and open to students from any university! Register today!

By Eli Heller (He/Him)
Eli Heller (He/Him) Career Coach