International Students Job & Internship Fair (May 5th)

CIRCLE of Friends will be hosting a Jobs & Internships Fair to provide learning and networking opportunities for all international undergraduates, especially juniors and seniors. CIRCLE has invited current international students who are embarking on internships this summer as well as international Husky alumni who are working full time in large companies such as Amazon, (Meta)Facebook, PwC, EY, Google, Oracle, Microsoft, and so on. These guests share majors and minors across the board including Informatics, Economics, Business, HCDE, CSE, Communications, etc. We will be sharing their LinkedIn profiles prior to the event. CIRCLE asks students to please do their homework and come prepared with good questions and networking skills. Thanks to CENUW and TBAUW for making this event possible.

  • When: Thursday, May 5 from 6-7 PM
  • Where: HUB 141
  • Who: (206-685-4004)

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By Erin Lee (She/Her)
Erin Lee (She/Her) Career Coach