Deadline to Apply to LSJ Major for Winter – Friday 1/14

The winter deadline to apply to LSJ is this Friday!

Interested in learning about the meaning of justice and the methods used in efforts to realize it? Curious about how the politics of rights and legal institutions structure our social life? If so, consider majoring in Law, Societies & Justice! The Law, Societies, and Justice Department offers undergraduate students a dynamic and engaged interdisciplinary liberal arts education focused on law, rights, and justice.

The LSJ major application is now open and accepting submissions, apply here! Students must submit all application components by the second Friday of Autumn quarter, January 14th 2022, at 4PM.

If you would like to connect with one of us, please visit the LSJ Advising page to schedule an individual in-person or virtual advising appointment. You can also send us an email at with general inquiries.

By Meaghan Wood (She/Her)
Meaghan Wood (She/Her) Career Coach Meaghan Wood (She/Her)