Internship Corner – Check Out UW Alumni Profiles and Advice

Our new Alumni Profiles Page includes stories and advice from UW alumni. The profiles have a brief description of education/work history and connect to a LinkedIn profile for more information. And if the profile has the ‘Student Stories & Advice’ tag, you can read their advice to you and learn from those who’ve been here before.

Like Ashleigh B. who writes: “At the beginning of my undergraduate studies at UW, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my degree. So, I started volunteering with as many organizations as I could. This really allowed me to learn what work I was passionate about.”

Connecting with alumni is a great way to learn about different internships, industries, career pathways, and options as you consider what path you choose to take during your college career. For alums who provide advice, they would leave to get a message from a current student to chat more, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

By Daniel Herb (He/Him)
Daniel Herb (He/Him) Daniel Herb (He/Him)