Voices of Lime: the intersecting identities of LGBTQIA+ and disability

Join Lime Connect Next Gen board member and Chief Strategy Officer of the Black Veterans Project, Daniele Anderson, as she moderates a panel discussion with Lime Connect’s LGBTQIA+ Network members who live with disabilities. As a queer veteran with a disability, Daniele will lead a conversation around how disability intersects with a person’s experience of gender and sexuality, and how that intersection impacts the workplace – including disclosure, career decisions, and professional relationships.

They will also cover how employers can best support their LGBTQIA+ employees with disabilities, and practical takeaways for creating and maintaining an inclusive workplace. The webinar will be held Oct 27, 2021 at 9:00 am PST.

Interested students can register here. 

By Dan Poux (He/Him)
Dan Poux (He/Him) Career Coach Dan Poux (He/Him)