New Leadership Minor Available to All Students Starting this Fall

A new Leadership Minor is launching this fall! This minor was designed to be interdisciplinary, and accessible to students across campus interested in developing leadership competencies influenced by their values, strengths, academic interests, career goals, and engagement in and out of the classroom. While the minor is open to all students, we especially want to encourage first and second year students to engage early with the minor.

First course in the minor – 15 seats remaining!

If you are interested, please enroll in “Learning Leadership in Theory and Practice” (LEAD 100) in Autumn Quarter 2021. Students are encouraged to take this course within the first two years at the University of Washington.

Course details: LEAD 100: Learning Leadership in Theory and Practice (5 credits – CR/NC)

T&Th, 2:30-4:20 p.m. – SMI 120

SLN: 17554

Course description: Introduces students to contemporary leadership theories and frameworks. Emphasis on translating formal, academic study of leadership into practice. Highlights authentic leadership constructs and concepts that center the value of social justice and critical perspectives. Develops students’ leadership identity and confidence and sets the stage for continued leadership development.


Dr. Michaelann Jundt, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Dr. Francesca Lo, Executive Director, Community Engagement and Leadership Education Center

New Website:

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Allie Carpenter at, or email

By Eli Heller (He/Him)
Eli Heller (He/Him) Career Coach