Check out the Women in Games Festival Throughout the Month of September

The Women in Games Global Festival is a first of its kind

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This year, the Women in Games’ global Conference, to be held over two days on September 15th and 16th, lies at the very heart of a Galaxy of entertaining and enlightening content – the Women in Games Festival.

Celebrating interconnectedness in an ambitious, online galaxy. Taking place across 2 weeks – launching on September 6th and continuing until 18th September 2021 – it encompasses a vast range of universally relevant subjects, and is designed to create a safe, positive and celebratory online environment.

We are thrilled to have Dovetail Games as our Festival Headline Sponsor and our Launch Party Partner.

Our Festival manifesto is to

  • Challenge Inequality
  • Celebrate all cultures
  • Celebrate and share
  • Communities are powerful, support them
  • Cultivate creative and critical thinking
  • Combat online harassment
  • Champion competitive talent in gaming and eSports
  • Commemorate achievements

Everyone is welcome to gather in the Women in Games Galaxy, where we will be collaborating with our community and industry partners to bring you an array of entertaining, informative celestial experiences. Be part of an array of events and activities.


Our annual conference, on September 15th and 16th, is at the heart of the Festival, while our games jam’s theme is ‘Atmospheres’, and our esports tournament will showcase exciting, competitive talent. Satellite events will orbit the galaxy, and our Women in Games Awards Ceremony will celebrate the talent of our stars.

There will be learning – presentations, discussions and debates
There will be storytelling – talented individuals and teams will share their stories
There will be networking – professional exchanges and friendships formed
There will be fun – quizzes, networking, music and DJs, comedy and performance.


Our sessions will cover an ambitious array of subjects, including:

  • The Last Taboo: Health and wellbeing
  • Confronting Toxicity and Harassment 1: Online
  • Confronting Toxicity and Harassment 2: In the workplace
  • Mission Possible: UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 5 Achieve Gender Equality & Empower all Girls & Women
  • Girls Get Global: Ending the never ending question, how do we get those girls engaged?
  • Advocates: A female journalist interviews an all male panel of advocates, supporting gender equality and diversity
  • UK Media: outside looking in: Reflections on a turbulent year, views from the press
  • Moving on Up: Getting women into the top tiers of esports
  • Cosplay: Play, Performance and Community
  • The Metaverse: It’s here but what is it? an exploration of this space, what it means for society, how we best use it, shape it and engage with it.

Confronting toxicity and harassment – it’s not just an historical issue but very much a live debate, and so we will have two sessions looking at two interconnected aspects of problems familiar the world over.

Progressive women journalists will reflect on what has been a tumultuous year, while issues of Women’s Health will be explored in a session prioritising wellbeing at work alongside Covid-19 related issues. In a session on advocacy we ask how diverse voices can support women and back the cause of equality and fairness.


On Day Two, reproducing the same time format as the first day, we will host learning labs and sessions expanding on threads introduced on day one. Questions arising from panels and talks can be elaborated on – How can we progress issues of women’s health and wellbeing for example, and what practical steps can we take to ‘work on the workplace’?

We will provide an Explorer Guide, a clear step by step guide to enable you to have the most enjoyable, productive and interesting experience at the conference. We will be updating the Festival website and all information including the conference regularly so keep checking in.

Networking – opportunities to make and re-make valuable connections.

Networking will be a particularly strong feature of Day Two. Network not just with booth holders, but also with any attendee at the conference. Search for attendees that you already know, schedule 1:1 meetings, or network with new contacts using the ‘networking roulette’ function of Hopin, which aims to provide virtual ‘water-cooler’ or ‘coffee break’ moments.


Sessions will be in the form of learning labs, discussions and conversations focussing on sharing knowledge and practical understanding, bringing our community together to the benefit of everyone: We look forward to welcoming all our attendees to in-depth, interconnected discussions.

Booths – Interactive spaces for knowledge exchange.

Day Two will also feature a particularly interactive aspect of our platform Hopin, expo ‘booths’ – virtual spaces hosted by our partners within the conference. You can speak directly to companies, studios and community groups, who will be able to talk to you about their organisations, sharing their knowledge and industry expertise.

By CJ Sanchez (He/Him)
CJ Sanchez (He/Him) Career Coach