Pride Month Streamer Spotlight: PikaChulita on Twitch (Shared Article from GameRant)

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June is Pride month and a fantastic time to celebrate LGBT streamers on Twitch, including streamers like PikaChulita and her wonderful community.

Celebrating and uplifting LGBTQIA+ voices should happen year-round, but Pride Month is also a great time to highlight LGBTQ creators on Twitch. Pride is celebrated in June to commemorate one of the most pivotal moments of the Gay Rights movement, the Stonewall riots. Without POC trans individuals and drag queens fighting back against police at the Stonewall Inn from June 28 to July 3, things could have been very different for LGBTQIA+ individuals today. Pride Month is a time to celebrate how far the community has come, but also acknowledge how much more work there is to be done until true equity is achieved amongst LGBTQ individuals.

Though Katie has been streaming since Fall 2014, she’s played and loved games for even longer. Her love for gaming started when she was about five years old and found PokemonKatie loves animals and cute things, and Pokemon was the perfect mix of both and enough for her to fall in love with. Her first “large” console was the Nintendo 64, and then her love of gaming continued through the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. Katie has gamed pretty much her whole life, making it one of her biggest hobbies before she started streaming in 2014.

Not long after that moment, Katie went live from her new PlayStation 4 with Infamous Second Son and it took off from there. As for her username, Katie “really just combined two words.” Pikachu is one of her favorite Pokemon and a nickname she used to be called in high school was “Chula” or “Chulita,” so she combined them and thus PikaChulita became her Twitch username and social media handle.

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