The College-Level Job Market is Strong!

The pandemic had a brutal impact on the job market for a while but things are rebounding and opportunities are plentiful for new college graduates.  Last week we broke our Handshake record for the most job posting requests in a single week – 1,399 jobs (plus 204 internships)!  There are currently over 11,000 postings active in the system!  I know this news may seem a little unreal, given the depressing headlines and real-life struggles of so many during the past year but I just read a national article that shared similar news – Good news for grads: Help (really) wanted.  I encourage you to check out the postings in Handshake and, if you’re a recent graduate, check out our upcoming Recent Graduate Virtual Job Fair.

By Briana Randall (She/Her)
Briana Randall (She/Her) Executive Director Briana Randall (She/Her)