Apply for the Diverse Game Developers Virtual Exchange Running from July 26th to September 3rd

The Diverse Game Developers Virtual Exchange provides grantees from underrepresented communities worldwide to build development skills and professional opportunities. With access to expert coaching, industry veterans, and game companies, this program uplifts and empowers the next generation of video game leaders.

“Last year COVID-19 forced our hand, but with the help of the biggest companies in gaming we were still able to give people from underrepresented groups around the world a leg up on their careers. We’re very thankful to have the industry rally around us again so we can continue to fulfill our mission without asking grantees to endure the dangers and limitations of international travel during the ongoing pandemic.”

Nika Nour

IGDA Foundation Executive Director

If you’re interested in sponsoring, speaking, or mentoring this year’s grantees, email us at

The Virtual Exchange will run from July 26 until September 3rd and will require an average of 4hr/week commitment. To learn more please review our FAQ.

Apply to the Virtual Exchange Here:

Applications close on June 11th

Designed for college students form all over the world, this program is for those currently enrolled in a university or recent graduates. Recipients will expect to learn more about gaming careers and fundamentals for breaking into the video game industry or starting their own studios.

Velocity serves professionals looking to transition into the game industry from another non-gaming-related career or industry. This program is for people who have always wanted to work in the games industry but had limited access to education, jobs, or opportunities. Recipients will learn about ways to access jobs in the games industry including how to leverage their current talents. assess their transferrable experiences, and identify which skills to acquire.

This international program supports mid-career games industry professionals as they transition to leadership roles. Recipients will build on their current skillset and learn how to be more effective leaders through self-advocacy. Additionally, the Next Gen Leaders gain mentoring fundamentals to pave the way for talented aspiring professionals.

This Year, all program participants receive:

  • All access pass to the Game Developers Conference (GDC)
  • 1:1 mentorship with a personalized mentor
  • Private Q&As from industry veterans
  • Lectures from industry luminaries
  • Invites to private networking events
  • Application and Portfolio Reviews
  • Access to the IGDA-F private library of content including past lectures and professional development resources.
By CJ Sanchez (He/Him)
CJ Sanchez (He/Him) Career Coach