Getting Internship-Ready: Do the Heavy Lifting in the C21 Internship Bootcamp

Career-jargon and buzzwords are meaningless unless an employer/organization can see you demonstrate them. Will your “critical thinking” and “problem solving” actually be a benefit to their work? You can talk about them in an interview to get in the door, but you’ll need to demonstrate them in your first few weeks on the job to be meaningful to a team or manager. That’s where we come in: the C21 Internship Bootcamp. We will put you in an applied setting to simulate your first few weeks on the job. If you can demonstrate your effectiveness and add value to a project quickly, you elevate your professional reputation and can become a vital member to any type of professional environment.

You’ll probably mess up at it the first time you try, and that’s OK. That’s when we will give honest, critical feedback so you know how to avoid basic mistakes when it really counts in your first job or internship, either during college or after graduation. If you’re ready to take on that challenge, join us this summer during A-term for our part-time (10-ish hours/week) bootcamp and elevate your career aptitude.

Open to majors in the UW College of Arts & Sciences. Applications due before Friday, May 28, 2021 at 11:59pm. To learn more and access the application, go to:

By Matt Erickson