What is your creative solution for clean, sustainable, and accessible energy? Participate in the Siemens STEAM Energy Competition!

The world’s electricity consumption was 24,739 terawatt hours in 2018; a 127% increase from 1990 (https://www.iea.org/world). The pressure to responsibly produce the energy the world requires in an environmentally conscious way is greater than ever. Considering the amount of the world’s energy supply that is still derived by environmentally harmful methods, change cannot come soon enough. Ultimately, innovative, and unique concepts related to clean, sustainable, and accessible energy are the solution. STEAM at Siemens Energy invites you to participate in this competition to make a change.

Competition Structure:

Phase One: Idea Submission (Open until May 31st)

  • 10 finalists will be selected based on published judging rubric and awarded $1,000 USD each!
  • These finalists will move forward to participate in Phase 2 of the competition which requires a prototype development and presentation

Phase Two: Develop Prototype (June 21st – July 24th)

  • Finalists will be assigned a mentor from Siemens Energy who will guide them during the prototype development phase
  • Select contestants may receive additional funding for prototype if required and depending on the project; prototypes can be built or presented via software e.g. 3D rendering

Prototype Presentations (July 26th – July 30th)

  • Contestants will be invited to present their prototype to judging panel
  • 3 winners will be selected based on published judging rubric and will receive an additional award of $1,530 USD each! (Winners to be announced in August 2021)

Some examples of clever solutions to energy waste and sustainability include:

  • Turbines fueled by fast-food reclaimed grease
  • Solar panel roofing or household windows
  • Harnessing power from tidal wave motion

We want to hear your innovative clean energy solution!

Who is eligible to participate:

  • This competition is open to anyone 18+ who is not a permanent full-time employee of Siemens Energy or Siemens affiliated companies. Interns and contractors are welcome to apply.
  • Individual contestants are encouraged, however teams of up to three people are allowed to participate via one submission. The disbursement of prize money must be managed by the team; Siemens Energy and Mindsumo will not manage disbursements for teams.

For more information about our STEAM initiatives, visit our webpage http://steamfuturemaker.com/

By CJ Sanchez (He/Him)
CJ Sanchez (He/Him) Career Coach