Working on It: New Writing Resource for Graduate Students

The Odegaard Writing and Research Center (OWRC) is unveiling an exciting new resource developed with graduate students in mind! Working on It is an asynchronous, self-guided resource designed to connect graduate-level writers with strategies and techniques to bolster, refine, and streamline the writing process. Created by our graduate coordinator and featuring commentary from a multidisciplinary cohort of graduate students, this resource helps graduate writers develop and supplement their writing process by providing an instructive guide to adaptable writing strategies, techniques, and tips for long-term writing success.

Please inform any students, whether they are curious about writing in graduate school or current graduate students themselves, to check it out. Below is a blurb to share with students.

The Odegaard Writing and Research Center is launching a new asynchronous virtual resource, Working on It, aimed at helping graduate students develop and refine a writing process that works for them. Composed of five primary strategies and techniques, this self-guided resource provides adaptable instructional exercises and commentary from graduate writers from across UW on how these practices have helped them cultivate their own writing practices. Check it out now!

By Eli Heller (He/Him)
Eli Heller (He/Him) Career Coach Eli Heller (He/Him)