Top 5 Scholarships for Gamers (2021) and How to Apply (Shared article from Jay W. Bay)

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If you want a career in the video game industry, finding the right educational program can jump-start your career and help you find a better game job, faster.

But unfortunately, college isn’t cheap — many programs can cost a small fortune that could take you years to pay back after graduation.

That’s where scholarships, and other forms of financial aid, can really make a difference. Scholarships can reduce the amount you pay for college, which means you’ll have a lot less to pay back after you graduate. Keep reading to learn where you can find the best video game scholarships, and find out how to make sure your application has the best shot at getting accepted.

Financial aid for game degrees

Even if you’ve discovered the perfect college offering the exact major you’re looking for, paying for your education can still be a challenge.

One way to help reduce costs is to choose an online program. They’re not for everyone, but they do offer some cost savings, including the option to live at home and maybe even work part-time or full-time while you study.

Whether you choose an online program or prefer to attend a traditional in-person university, the first step is to apply for federal and state financial aid by filling out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form. Completing the FAFSA is necessary if you’re interested in grants, work-study jobs, federal student loans, and other types of aid.

While some scholarships can be used by students in any degree or major, you might be surprised to learn that some scholarships are specifically for students going into the video game industry. In addition to federal aid, applying for scholarships is another crucial step that can make your education more affordable.

How to apply for game scholarships

If you’re planning to attend a game college or university, get in touch with your university’s financial aid office. They can give you a list of scholarships, some of which are specific to your school or even your major. If you’re lucky, they might even have some insider advice to boost your chances of getting accepted.

By CJ Sanchez (He/Him)
CJ Sanchez (He/Him) Career Coach CJ Sanchez (He/Him)