Free Webinar: How to Get into a T14 Law School

Despite popular belief, getting into law school is much more than a numbers game. Unfortunately, as law degrees become more and more popular, the law school admissions landscape has become more competitive than ever.

In our upcoming webinar titled “Attending a T14 Law School: Student Experiences and What It Takes to Get In,” we’ll discuss expert advice for getting into the top law schools in the nation as well as what student life is like in these prestigious institutions.

This webinar will cover:
– Admissions Data and How Applications are Processed
– The Four Critical Factors in Standing Out
– Applying These Lessons to Your Application

This webinar will be presented by Joel Butterly, Yale Law School Alumnus and CEO of InGenius Prep, on Tuesday, March 30th at 5pm PT/8pm ET.

To register for this event, please click the following link: RSVP here.

By Luis Santiago (He/Him)
Luis Santiago (He/Him) Associate Director of Coaching Operations