Sound Credit Union FinTech Incubator Competition – Open to All UW Students

Do you have a great FinTech idea that you’d like to bring to life? Sound Credit Union, in partnership with the Milgard Center for Business Analytics at UW Tacoma, is launching a FinTech Incubator Competition that is open to all UW students. 

FinTech (Financial Technology) has disrupted the financial services industry with technologies that you are likely using now.  Services like cashless payments, peer-to-peer lending, crowd-funding platforms and roboadvisor-enabled financial planning make up many of the FinTech innovations to date.   

Sound Credit Union is investing in the future of FinTech for application in credit unions, with the goal to “Make Life More Affordable” for Sound Credit Union members. And their investment starts with UW students.   

All UW students are invited to participate in the competition.  It starts with individual or teams of UW students creating a one-page Lean Canvas document to bring your FinTech innovation idea to life.  Submissions are due by April 14, 2021.  UW students with the most promising Lean Canvas submissions will be invited to present their FinTech innovation virtually to leaders at Sound Credit Union on April 21, 2021.  Three winning UW teams will be announced thereafter with awards of $600 for first place, $400 for second place and $200 for third place.   

In addition to monetary awards, the winning UW teams will receive coaching and mentoring from Sound Credit Union leaders to build upon and refine their FinTech innovation for entry into the next phase of the competition which is open to everybody in Washington state.  Winners of the state-wide competition will receive $7000 for first place and $4000 for second place plus a renewable 6-month paid membership in the Virtual CoMotion Lab Program at UW Seattle.  

For UW students with expertise and interest in FinTech and entrepreneurship, this is a great opportunity to move your innovation forward with financial support from Sound Credit Union and the start-up resources and supporting incubator ecosystem of UW CoMotion Labs.  

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By Eli Heller (He/Him)
Eli Heller (He/Him) Career Coach