BioExplore UW call for mentees and mentors

BioExplore UW will be pairing mentees with a mentor who can provide personalized guidance on numerous aspects—by sharing their experiences with the process of finding/conducting research on/off campus, Capstone projects, planning for post-graduation (graduate/medical school), and identifying helpful resources.

Engaging in research as an underclassmen is daunting but advice from mentors can help ease the stress that mentees are experiencing and empower them.

The goal of this program is to help your undergraduate peers get into a research lab!

Additionally, mentoring is an incredibly rewarding experience- it equips you with valuable leadership skills and demonstrates emotional intelligence. 

Mentees can expect to:

– Get paired with a mentor researching in similar interests, and e-meet at least twice a month

– Receive help with their resumes and/or cover letters for lab applications

– Streamline their process of identifying interests and a suitable lab

– Network with mentors and other students in the field and research focus

– Potentially go on virtual lab tours and lab meetings, with their mentors, and more.


Please fill out this form by March 20th, 2021 11:59PM PST if you are interested in being mentored.


Mentors can expect to:

-Gain involvement in the Bioengineering community and beyond

-Grow leadership skills and experience through helping a peer navigate through the process of finding and applying for research

-Get free merch! (long sleeved tshirts!)

-Network with other mentors in different fields and research areas!


This is a quarter-by-quarter commitment for at most 1-2 hours a week; you are welcome and encouraged to continue to be a mentor in future quarters. Grad students can also be mentors!

To serve as a mentor, please fill out this form by March 20th, 2021 11:59PM PST. 


By Dan Poux (He/Him)
Dan Poux (He/Him) Career Coach Dan Poux (He/Him)