How will you advocate for equity?

How will you advocate for equity?

Educational equity is the issue that will most shape the course of our nation, and it requires the most driven, passionate leaders your generation has to offer. Making sure all children have an excellent education will determine whether we thrive as a nation. Opportunity begins with education.

By joining Teach For America, you will be part of a powerful network of over 60,000 leaders working to expand opportunity across career fields. As an alum, you will lead alongside and together with colleagues who are shaping the political, economic, and social future of our country.

How will you advocate for equity? Apply to the 2021 or 2022 corps today. This is the final senior application deadline to be considered for the 2021 TFA corps!

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By Melinda Gilliam (She/Her)
Melinda Gilliam (She/Her) Career Coach