Wy’east Post-Baccalaureate Pathway

The Wy’east Post-Baccalaureate Pathway is a competitive 10-month educational program designed for American Indians and Alaska Natives (AIAN) who show promise as medical school applicants, and are on cusp of getting into medical school.

The Pathway helps to equip these individuals with the knowledge and skills to successfully apply, matriculate into, and graduate from medical school.

The 10-month pathway includes:

Immersion in an Indigenous learning community
Rigorous coursework in biomedical sciences,population health, and anatomy
Clinical observation and research experience
A monthly stipend to help offset living expenses
Intensive MCAT preparation
No tuition or fees

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If you have question about the Wy’east Pathway, please feel free to reach out directly to the Wy’east Coordinator, Cristi Pinela (pinela@ohsu.edu).

By Dan Poux (He/Him)
Dan Poux (He/Him) Career Coach