Making a Career with a Degree In Education Outside of Teaching (Shared Articles)

One piece of insight we often share with students is that your degree (field of study) does not always equal your career. Its actually common for people to get jobs and start careers that aren’t such straight-forward matches to their exact areas of study. While it’s common, there’s still a need for preparation and planning to secure an opportunity in this way. Below you’ll find several resources that touch on various aspects of what to do with a degree in education that is outside of the traditional teaching path along with was you can work to prepare if this path fit you.

Shared Article: What Can You Do With an Education Degree , by Dawn Rosenberg McKay, Career Planning Specialist

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Shared Article: Student Training and Education in Public Service, What can you do with an education degree? 

By Melinda Gilliam (She/Her)
Melinda Gilliam (She/Her) Career Coach Melinda Gilliam (She/Her)