Resume Books – Submit Your Resume Now!

This winter and spring, we are offering the opportunity for students to submit their resumes to resume books, categorized by our interest communities and job type (full-time jobs and internships). These opt-in resume books will be made available upon request to employers that the UW Career & Internship Center feels would provide viable opportunities for our students.

Where to submit your resumes:
You can submit your resume via Handshake postings. Find the 16 books by typing in “resume book” in the search field in the Jobs section of Handshake, or through this link.

How to make the most of this resource:
– Include full name in the document title
– Ensure email address on resume is accurate
– Set Handshake privacy settings to “Employers” or “Community”
– Complete all sections of Handshake profile

Deadline to submit your resume for inclusion in these winter/spring resume books is Sunday, January 24th!

Questions? Email

By Lindsay Smith (She/Her)
Lindsay Smith (She/Her) Handshake Experience Manager Lindsay Smith (She/Her)