BIME 435 “Informatics in Health Care”

BIME 435 “Informatics in Health Care”


Instructor: Andrea Hartzler

How can you improve  healthcare with informatics? There are growing career opportunities to transform healthcare using information science and technology!

This course introduces information technology applied in healthcare across three modules that 1) overview the U.S. healthcare system, 2) establish an understanding of clinical information systems used in healthcare, including electronic health records, and  3) survey applications in clinical informatics, such as virtual health care and the learning health system.

The course is scheduled for MW 10:30-12:20 with lab on M 12:30-1:20, which will occur online through a combination of synchronous and asynchronous activities. There are no prerequisites.

By Dan Poux (He/Him)
Dan Poux (He/Him) Career Coach