Check out the Zero Waste Idea Hackathon!

Zero Waste Innovation Hackathon is a free five-week virtual program and competition that provides online seminars, learning tools, coaching resources, collaboration sessions, and cash prizes to accelerate the pace of Zero Waste innovation by high school and college students and recent alums across the Pacific Northwest.

Announcing the Zero Waste Hackathon

Zero Waste Washington is excited to unveil a new program for Fall 2020: The Zero Waste Hackathon.
This five-week virtual competition provides online learning tools, coaching resources, collaboration sessions, and cash
prizes to accelerate the pace of Zero Waste innovation ideas by entrepreneurs across the Pacific Northwest (WA, OR, ID,
BC and AK). The 2020 cohort begins in October, concluding with an online competition and awards event in November.
The Hackathon centers around teams of up to five High School, Undergraduate, and Graduate students in the Pacific
Northwest. The program provides teams with the tools and support to explore their ideas, analyze their feasibility, develop
a basic plan, and learn how to present it. Students with a passion for sustainability and climate action, or who are part of a
business school program for entrepreneurs (and ESPECIALLY those already incubating a Zero Waste startup idea),
should take advantage of this project!
Participating teams will gain valuable experience (and even prize money!) to prepare them to participate in many other
local, regional, and national business plan competitions or accelerators. The virtual Hackathon program will place teams
solidly on the road to building real projects and companies which foster a more just and sustainable world.

The 2020 Hackathon theme is “Making Trash Obsolete”, with five areas of focus:
● Revamping our recycling system, including the creation or improvement of end-markets.
● Preventing food waste and ending hunger through food rescue, waste reprocessing, and composting.
● Eliminating plastic waste and pollution, and other dangerous toxic chemicals in our natural environment.
● Creating healthy, safe, and responsibly-designed products that sustain a fair, thriving, circular economy.
● Promoting repair and reuse to preserve natural resources while reducing dirty gas emissions & saving energy.
Approaches could include innovations in Waste Management, Health Care, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Fashion, Water,
Technology (Hardware, Software), Construction, Policy, Transportation, Finance, or Energy to name just a few.

Your Help is Needed

We are seeking ongoing assistance in the following areas from individuals and organizations in the business and
sustainability communities, to develop and promote this inaugural 2020 event:
● Sponsorships – Monetary, in addition to In-kind operational and program resource donations.
● Partnerships – Zero Waste groups & Media promoting us via your media channels (we’ll cross-promote you too!)
● Coaches, Mentors and Judges – In various business function domains, as well as sector-specific expertise.
● Media, Marketing and Outreach – Help us spread the word far and wide.
● Team Recruitment – Help our future champion team members to find us… and each other!

Will you join forces with us to write the next chapter for Zero Waste in the Pacific Northwest?

For more information about the many ways you and your organization can participate in the Zero Waste Ideas
Hackathon, please contact Brian Allen at or (206) 395-9737.

By CJ Sanchez (He/Him)
CJ Sanchez (He/Him) Career Coach