Doing Both – Cultivating a Commitment to Social Justice within your Field of Work

Holding interest in multiple fields of study can pose challenge for many student when considering how to manifest their passions into their career. In a recent article by Lisa Stiffler of Geek Wire, UW alum Frances Dewing talks about her commitment to social justice and how she centers that commitment into her work as a CEO. Dewing is quoted as sharing, “Doing good in the world doesn’t have to look one way.” Acknowledging your positionality and considering the influence you hold in systems is an important steps in making work places more socially justice. Dewing goes in to provide insights into her position as a CEO and shares some of her experiences in bringing current events into the work place.

This article was created by Lisa Stiffler and is being shared from Geek Wire: From cybersecurity to social justice, Rubica CEO Frances Dewing is an agent of unexpected change

By Melinda Gilliam (She/Her)
Melinda Gilliam (She/Her) Career Coach Melinda Gilliam (She/Her)