Halloween at Handshake: Busting Common Job Hunt “Urban Legends”

This Halloween week, check out Handshake’s blog post about common “urban legends” about job hunting!

It’s a dark and foggy night. All around you, the crisp autumn leaves rustle, yet a spooky stillness has begun to settle. You pull your jacket more snugly around you as you head home to submit the application to an interesting job listing you’d spotted earlier that day. As you hurry determinedly down the empty street, an eerie voice suddenly pierces the cool night air. It wails: “Yoooooou don’t neeeeeed a cover letter! What is this, the Stoooooooone Age?”

OK, OK… not exactly the creepiest tale! But around the Halloween season, we don’t have any traditional scary stories to share — only popular career search myths that keep us up at night. Many hiring managers have seen these common job hunting legends haunt people throughout the recruitment process, so let us break them all down.

By Lindsay Smith (She/Her)
Lindsay Smith (She/Her) Handshake Experience Manager Lindsay Smith (She/Her)