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Microphiles Journal

The Microphiles Journal is a Journal dedicated to Microbiology and the life-sciences.

They are currently accepting applications for various different positions in the club to work on their Spring 2021 issue! Come join their team in show casing the diversity of Microbiology to all audiences while providing an opportunity to develop your skills in scientific writing, editing, publishing and illustrating! This is also a great way to explore and meet more people in the community, develop your ability to communicate findings, and strengthen your resume. They welcome people from all majors and anyone from any class standing.

Position descriptions are as follows:


  • Develop ideas and research a topic of interest in the field of microbiology
  • Discuss findings with editors and peers
  • Draft, submit for review, and edit an article for publication
  • Coordinate with illustrators to create visuals for your article


  • Assist writers in the process of researching their topics and writing articles
  • Proofread for grammar, flow, clarity, and accuracy
  • Coordinate with graduate editors for additional editing


  • – Provide visuals for the journal and specific articles
  • Communicate with writers about the aspects of their articles requiring visual support
  • Design the front cover image for the third issue of the journal
  • Communicate with publishers to develop a visually interesting artwork layout
  • Contributes to designing advertisements for the club and the upcoming issue


  • Format all articles and illustrations into a final journal
  • Coordinate with illustrators about the final design of the journal
  • Manage printing and distribution of the journal

Our previous issues can be found on our website at:

Send in your application at:

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact: or

By Dan Poux (He/Him)
Dan Poux (He/Him) Career Coach