Opportunities at non-profit startup Ameelio

My name is Zo Orchingwa, and I’m a student at the Yale Law School and co-founder of Ameelio, a nonprofit startup committed to transforming prison communications with free technology, and incarcerating the U.S. through data-driven tools to reduce recidivism. We’re supported by Mozilla, Robin Hood Foundation, Fast Forward, and Schmidt Futures. You can read more about us in The Washington Post, Tech Crunch, Fast Company, and Business Insider.

What We’re Looking For:

Student who is taking a gap year, passionate about criminal justice reform and innovation, and able to volunteer with us full-time. Roles are listed below.

Legal & Policy Analyst

Responsible for working with our Project Lead on our free prison video calling platform to identify pilot sites, meet with correctional officials, analyze existing contracts, strategize on how to scale the platform, and be a point of contact with the law firms providing us legal representation (e.g. Wilson Sonsini, and Cooley LLP among others). Connect is the nation’s first free prison video calling platform.


Responsible for sourcing, writing, and submitting grants. As an early-stage 501c3 nonprofit, we rely on charitable foundations to cover the costs of Letters and launching Connect (video conferencing platform). Your work would be critical to sustainability.

Media & Communications Manager

Responsible for creating and maintaining a media presence that speaks to possible users, donors, and partners. Includes outreach to journalists, overseeing social media, and helping to communicate our work and vision to potential donors. As a young startup with ambitions to radically disrupt an entrenched space, it’s important that we present ourselves thoughtfully to avoid alienating potential partners. As an organization with direct and trusted access to families experiencing incarceration, we’re trying to spread the word about the problem of prison telecoms and amplify the voices of our users.

If you’re interested, please send an email to zo@ameelio.org with a brief statement of interest and a resume.

By Dawn Cheung
Dawn Cheung Career Coach Dawn Cheung