UW courses offered this Fall 2020 about Diversity, Equity, & Incusion

Looking for a class that can help you learn more about diversity, equity, and inclusion and advance your understanding of the Black Lives Matter movement and the various social justice issues that are happening?

Please look at the list below for some ideas!

You can view the Time Schedule to see when and what time these courses are ofrered.

  • EDUC 251: Seeking Educational Equity And Diversity
  • AFRAM 101: Introduction To African American Studies
  • AFRAM 272: History Of The South Since The Civil War
  • AAS 370: Japanese Americans: Race, Culture, Discrimination, Gender, And Endurance
  • ASS 395:Critical Studies Of Post-Vietnam War Southeast Asian Americans: Not Just Refugees
  • AES 150: In-Justice For All: Intersection Of Race, Ethnicity, Class, And Gender In The United States
  • HSTLAC 185: Race, Gender, And Class In Latin America And The Caribbean
  • HSTLAC 384: Latin America: Inter-American And Intra-Continental Relations
  • GWSS 328: Gender And Sexuality In China
  • HSTAA 231: Race And American

You can also view UAA’s advising page about the Diversity requirement and see what majors, minors, and classes may be of interest to you.

By Dawn Cheung
Dawn Cheung Career Coach