AMA with Ashley G. and Devin B. from the Seattle Mariners – Working in an Industry that’s Currently on Pause

Recently, we hosted an AMA with Ashley G. and Devin B. from the Seattle Mariners. Ashley and Devin, both part of the Ballpark Operations team, discussed what it’s like to work for the Mariners during an uncertain time and provided advice for those interested in a career in the sports industry.

How have ballpark operations changed during this time of COVID-19?
Ashley and Devin discussed the unique challenge of moving full-steam ahead with planning future events even if it’s possible the events end up cancelled or postponed. For events that do take place, how should they be adjusted to provide a safe environment for all involved? The situation also requires strategic workarounds, such as for events supporting non-profits, as these organizations often depend on the revenue generated from events.

Are the Mariners in communication with other sports & entertainment organizations during this time?
Yes! The operation team for the Mariners connects with their counterparts of other MLB teams to discuss shared experiences, best practices, and planning for the future when the future is unknown. The baseball operations team also communicates with the team at CenturyLink Field and the City of Seattle as they develop upcoming events and plans.

What advice do you have for students hoping to land a job or internship during this time?
Don’t be discouraged by the current situation and use this time to widen your community. Utilize tools such as LinkedIn to follow organizations and connect with individuals that work in your desired field. Fine-tune your resume and application materials. Consider volunteering for an organization in need, and find opportunities to hone your skills, even if it’s not an official job or internship. When applying for jobs, be open to opportunities that may not be your dream job. You will learn from each experience and can speak to your developed skills in future interviews.

How does someone “get in” to the sports industry?
The sports industry is not one where a career will just be handed to you. Start small, such as with a part-time job, and work your way up. Hiring managers like to interview candidates with some experience in the sports world, and a part-time job is a great way to start. You’ll also use what you learned during your part-time experience in your future roles in the organization.

Do you have other advice for job-seekers and interviewing?

  1. Make sure your resume is concise and clear – recruiters go through thousands of resumes.
  2. For interviews, dress up! Wear business formal clothing. As they say, dress for the job you want, not the job you have.
  3. Arrive at the interview early. Candidates who show up late are often disqualified from the interview process.
  4. Be sure to properly prepare for an interview. Research the organization beforehand and bring a list of questions to ask.
  5. Write and send thank-you notes. A hand-written note makes a positive impression and showing appreciation speaks to your character.
  6. Utilize LinkedIn! Make connections, communicate with individuals in your desired field, and engage in posts. It’s a great way to stay engaged during this time and show interest in an organization.

Ashley and Devin welcome students to connect with them on LinkedIn.

By Lindsay Smith (She/Her)
Lindsay Smith (She/Her) Handshake Experience Manager