C21 Internship Bootcamp

The Internship Bootcamp is a professional training program to develop your project management skills in a real-world setting. Interns will be “hired” in a simulated higher education consulting firm. All of this will happen remotely, like most professional work around the world right now.

The work you will undertake in this consulting environment will be designed specifically to challenge and stretch you, because the most important skills and lessons are learned through failure. In this program, you’ll be able to learn, and fail, safely. This is what makes it a bootcamp.

You will apply through Handshake, and will need a resume, cover letter and LinkedIn Profile.

Applications are due Friday May 29.

Learn more here.

By Briana Randall (She/Her)
Briana Randall (She/Her) Executive Director Briana Randall (She/Her)