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Volunteer Surge – Volunteering for the Future

The COVID-19 epidemic is pushing the American healthcare system to the breaking point—and leaving frontline medical providers overwhelmed and exhausted.

Many of the most basic caretaking tasks can be performed by volunteer assistants, so the professionals can focus on tending to the most acute needs.

VolunteerSurge was formed to rapidly train one million volunteer Community Health Workers. The training is based on “Ready CNA,” a video-based online course which can be completed in about 30 hours. It’s hosted on Absorb LMS and produced in cooperation with General George Casey (US Army Ret.) and the Yale School of Public Health. VolunteerSurge has partnered with a leading Health Care NGO, ADP Workmarket and Salesforce.com to match graduates with volunteer opportunities in communities all across the country.

When you join their network, you will build a profile that includes your special skills and areas of interest, and they can pair you with a volunteer assignment that fits your needs.

Learn more and sign up at https://volunteersurge.com/

By Dan Poux (He/Him)
Dan Poux (He/Him) Career Coach Dan Poux (He/Him)