Employer-led workshop on “How to Get into Tech, Even if You’re Not Technical”

Many undecided students are interested in careers in technical industries, but feel their options are limited because of their limited technical skills. To learn more about non-technical roles in tech companies, check out the employer-led workshop here:

How to Get Into Tech, Even if You’re Not Technical
Host: Brooke Bachesta from Outreach, March 30th, 2020

Additional questions that can help you identify areas where your skills and interests would be a good fit include the following:

  • Do I want to work on tech? (e.g. helping computers “talk” to each other)
  • Do I want to work with tech? (e.g. helping people interact with technology or big data)
  • Do I want to work in tech (e.g. a non-technical role within a tech company)

Students are encouraged to meet with a Career Coach to explore these questions in more detail.


By Dan Poux (He/Him)
Dan Poux (He/Him) Career Coach Dan Poux (He/Him)