Opt-In Resume Books for Non-Profit, Social Justice, & Education

Non-Profit/Social Justice/ Education

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This is an opt-in Resume Book for students interested in Non-Profit, Social Justice, & Education industries and jobs.

This Resume Book will be made available upon request to employers that the UW Career & Internship Center feels would provide viable opportunities for our students.

By clicking “Apply” and submitting your resume, you are giving permission to the Career & Internship Center to share your resume with employers who contact us with hiring needs. You may be contacted directly by employers as a result of adding your resume to this book, which may include organizations, positions, or geographic locations that are not of interest to you.

To make the most of this resource:

  • Include full name in the document title
  • Ensure email address on resume is accurate
  • Set Handshake privacy settings to “Employers” or “Community”
  • Complete all sections of Handshake profile

Please contact handshake@uw.edu with any questions.

By Dawn Cheung
Dawn Cheung Career Coach Dawn Cheung