Job Stability, Quality Of Life, Windjammers With Dave Lang – GDC Podcast (Shared from GDC site)

Dave Lang is founder of Iron Galaxy Studios, known for Killer InstinctExtinctionDivekick, and world class ports of games like Skyrim, Overwatch, and the venerable Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition.

Lang has a storied past in game development and shares his learnings about how to make a studio that’s built to last, his take on quality of life in game development, and much more (including addressing rumors about a mafia-run Midway Games, how the 2008 recession totally worked out for him, and all that Windjammers stuff).

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By CJ Sanchez (He/Him)
CJ Sanchez (He/Him) Career Coach CJ Sanchez (He/Him)