CareerHack: Virtual Hackathon For Job Seeking Developers

An online hackathon for developers currently in the job market! Get your skills tested and receive career feedback from a senior developer!

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About this Event

Attention: This is a REMOTE hackathon conducted online. No travel is required.

Mintbean CareerHack

Are you stuck in the developer job hunt? Wish you knew more about the hiring process? Wish you could receive feedback on your coding skills? Do you want your own portfolio website? Do you just simply love to code?

Well come join our online Mintbean CareerHack hackathon! Test your coding abilities and receive constructive feedback on where and how to improve your code with other skilled developers. Understand the job market and the interviewing process for software developer from our very own CEO and CTO of Mintbean, Monarch Wadia.

Why Participate?

  • Objective and honest technical assessment through a fun hackathon!
  • Participate in code reviews and learn how to evaluate other people’s code
  • Learn how professional software development is done with best practices in the industry from a senior dev
  • Interviewing tips and tricks from a senior dev
  • Learn how to prepare for various technical company assessments

Prize! – $25 Amazon Gift Card 🙂

Who Is It For?

  • Software developer students
  • Devs looking for their first job
  • Junior developers
  • Bootcamp grads
  • QA’s, designers, and other professionals looking into transitioning into software

How To Join

Join us on Twitch on the day fo CareerHack!

Stream Link: Mintbean CareerHack

Requirements To Join

  • Experience in HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Git and Github (Your Github will be open to the public, NO Bitbucket)
  • A Twitch account to join the stream (can be a throwaway)
  • A Slack account – Invitation to join will be emailed to you after registration!
  • Your own device with a text editor setup


Problem set: To Be Announced

Team size: SOLO

Date: Saturday, March 28, 2020

Time: 12:30pm – 3:30pm EST (Toronto, Canada)

Where: CareerHack Twitch Stream

CareerHack Schedule

Orientation Mandatory for Newcomers, Optional for Repeat Participants

  • Orientation pre-start @12PM – Twitch & Slack (30mins)
  • Introduction & problem set briefing – Twitch & Slack (15mins)
  • Coding session – Github & Slack (135mins)
  • Peer code reviews – Twitch, Github, & Slack (30mins)
  • Optional: Feedback and Q&A with Senior Dev – Twitch & Slack (30mins)

More details and instructions will follow and be emailed to you closer to the hackathon date!

We’re very excited for you to participate! If you have any further questions, shoot us an email to our Project Coordinator, Jennifer Tang at

For the Privacy Conscious and Gainfully Employed

CareerHack is fully hosted, produced, and evaluated on all public mediums (Twitch, GitHub, Slack). Your hackathon project, communication, code review and evaluation will be conducted publicly on these forums.

Full names will not be used, every participant will be referred to as their Slack username. We suggest you create throwaway accounts for any of these social platforms being used if you would like to keep your personal accounts private. However, we leave it to your own discretion.

About Mintbean

Mintbean provides vetting services that help employers screen software developers. We’re software developers ourselves, and we know how painful the interview process can be for both employers and candidates. Our goal is to solve the (immense) problems currently present in the software developer job market.

We are what Eric Ries calls a Lean Startup. Currently, we’re working with our closed-beta partners to build a general-release version of the platform. Stay tuned!

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For the registration or other information please click here


By CJ Sanchez (He/Him)
CJ Sanchez (He/Him) Career Coach CJ Sanchez (He/Him)