Handshake – How to take full advantage of UW’s job and internship platform

In our current world of social distancing, it should be comforting to know that a great deal of employer recruiting takes place online. Employers are still actively posting positions in Handshake and reviewing applications for job and internship openings, so it’s a great opportunity to update your Handshake account and take advantage of all the platform has to offer.

When you log in to your Handshake account at uw.joinhandshake.com, you will arrive at your dashboard. From here you’re able to navigate to all areas of the platform, and by scrolling down you’ll see customized lists of opportunities and tips based on the information in your profile. The more accurate and detailed your profile, the more helpful Handshake’s recommendations will be.

Privacy Settings
You are in complete control of who can view your profile with these three privacy options, which you can edit in your profile.

  • Private” – Your profile is not visible to employers, students or alumni. This is helpful while you’re still populating your information.
  • Employers” – Your profile will be visible to employers approved by UW. Your profile may show up as employers search Handshake for potential hires and message students with opportunities.
  • Community” – Your profile will be visible to other students and alumni across all Handshake schools, as well as employers approved at UW. You will have access to virtual networking features including “Peer Messaging.”

Completing Your Profile
A robust Handshake profile can be as helpful as a detailed resume or LinkedIn page. Navigate to your profile by clicking on your initials in the top right and selecting “My Profile.” This section is your virtual resume that employers can view when your profile is made visible. Under each section, there are prompts to provide context about what information should be added. After completing the “My Journey,” “Education,” Work & Volunteer Experience,” “Organizations & Extracurriculars,” “Courses,” and “Projects,” select some of your top skill sets under the “Skills” section to the left.

Career Interests
This section allows Handshake to provide tailored lists of job and internship opportunities, events, and resources that more closely match your goals and interests. Navigate to this section by clicking your initials in the top right and selecting “Career Interests.” You will find many topics including the type of job/internship, positions, location, industries, and your goals upon graduation. Update this section as your interests and goals evolve to get the most out of Handshake.

Searching for Jobs and Internships
With hundreds of employers and thousands of jobs and internships in Handshake, you can find many opportunities that may be a good fit for you. Click on the “Jobs” tab across the top of the page or on your dashboard, and be sure to use filters when searching for opportunities. Enter specific keywords and/or locations into the job search fields, and click the “Filters” button to view all available search filters. While filtering is important, avoid making your search so specific that few opportunities appear. To view more information about a specific employer, select “Employers” on your dashboard.

Career Paths
Discover different jobs and fields while exploring career options by selecting “Career Paths” located on your dashboard. In this section, you can learn more about specific jobs and functions, average salary, top cities, most common majors, and comparable jobs posted in Handshake.

Career Center Resources
Connect with career coaches and event opportunities through Handshake.

  • Appointments – Schedule a virtual appointment with a career coach by clicking on “Career Center” along the top and then “Appointments” to the left or “Schedule Appointment” below. Follow the prompts to select the appointment type, date, time, and medium (virtual only) for your appointment.
  • Events – View and register for upcoming events, both those hosted by our center and hosted by employers by clicking “Events.” During spring quarter, all events are virtual workshops or webinars that you can “attend” from home.

Additional Handshake Features

  • Q&A – Ask career-related questions to the Handshake community or search for questions already asked and answered. This feature offers valuable information that can assist you while pondering your next step. Click “Q&A” at the top of the page.
  • Reviews – Write reviews of your internship or job experiences by clicking your initials and selecting “My Reviews.” Read reviews others have written by viewing employer pages.
  • Peer Messaging – Communicate with your peers at UW and other Handshake schools and ask for advice about career experiences. Click “Students” and “Messages” to utilize this functionality.

While this is a brief overview of all Handshake has to offer, we recommend spending some time exploring the platform to become familiar with all its helpful features. If you have any questions about the program, we welcome you to email the Career & Internship Center at handshake@uw.edu. Happy job and internship searching, Huskies!

By Lindsay Smith (She/Her)
Lindsay Smith (She/Her) Handshake Experience Manager