Community Group Spotlight: New Tech Northwest

In this edition of Community Group Spotlight we will be highlighting the group New Tech Northwest. Below you will find a group description pulled from their website:


Your Gateway to The PNW Tech Community and
the Hub for Northwest Startups and Tech!

We help the Pacific Northwest technology community see, discover and decide to experience our ecosystem as a world of imagination, possibility and collaboration. We do this by sharing our stories and the model of our company, in a way that is assisting our members to help each other build their tech careers, companies and our community. Join us for fun and connections to the people in the pacific northwest driving tomorrow’s technology with today’s innovations.

At New Tech Events You’ll Meet People Who Believe in:

  • Giving first to be impactful with, and for, others
  • Building meaningful relationships while having fun
  • Supporting your tech careers, companies and Northwest collaborative culture
  • Being inclusive and impactful locally and globally
  • …and you won’t get that awkward scrunchy feeling in your tummy that most networking events give you.

This isn’t your typical networking group. We’re a collaborative community of startup and enterprise founders, engineers, entrepreneurs, influencers, investors and innovators who help each other to take the next steps with our careers and companies.

Join us to connect online and at events to share your highs and lows, learn from the mistakes and successes of your peers and local leaders, make friends, refer business, and make life and work better together.

New Tech Northwest is:

  • An active community movement of innovation lovers helping each other build tomorrows careers and companies together
  • The best 2 hours of your month where you’ll meet invaluable new friends, opportunities and resources
  • Connecting, growing and supporting the technology ecosystem across the Northwest
  • The largest monthly events in the Northwest (200-1,000 attendees in Seattle, 100-150 on the Eastside, 50-80+ in Tacoma and 100-150 at our Portland affiliate events)
  • Over 42,000 members strong, with hundreds of new members joining every month
  • The fastest growing monthly event in history (out of 300,000+ meetups)
  • Representing our community on the national stage, such as at the White House Tech Meetup
  • Celebrating and pouring love on the people and companies making tech magic in the PNW
  • Partnering with organizations supporting women, girls and untapped minorities in tech and organizations working towards solutions to end homelessness
  • More fun than a car full of clowns racing around the Space Needle at 4:20
  • Where you’re going to connect and party with the Northwest’s most smart, fun, innovative people and see short inspiring tech presentations from companies ranging from startups to enterprise (i.e. Amazon, Nordstrom, Expedia, Microsoft, GoDaddy, ebay, Moz, Zillow, Redfin, Comcast, Verizon, Google, etc.)

bg2What drives this success? YOU – our community. Together we share events, resources and fun with a “give first” attitude.

We have a three-pronged agenda to 1) celebrate and grow the Northwest’s amazing collaborative and philanthropic culture in the midst of hyperactive growth, 2) to collaborate with heartful leaders and community contributors, and 3) to support people who are creating fantastic tech companies and opportunities across the Pacific Northwest.

We are a strong community that connects and assists each other at monthly events, and on this website, Slack, Instagram and our Facebook Group 24/7. Our community includes startup and enterprise developers, designers, founders, investors, executives, marketers, recruiters, employees as well as lovers, friends and neighbors of these folks who enjoy meeting interesting people and the occasional confused Sasquatch. …YES, even Sasquatch have fun at New Tech!

nts-bg-2-1024x273Seattle (New Tech Northwest’s capitol) is not your typical city – we are ranked as the 2nd best tech city in North America (Vancouver is #16 and Portland is #20), have the largest octopus in the world (600 lbs with a 30 ft arm span), the largest floating bridge in the world,  a Guinness World Record for the Largest Snowball Fight (we threw snowballs there, and the snow was driven into the city from the mountains – that’s commitment, people!), the world’s first Space Needle, Mount Rainier, Capitol Hill, the Cascade mountains, the deepest ports in America, legions of foodies, deep musical roots (full of bleeding edge, cult, and multi-platinum artists), Puget Sound, the cloud computing capitol of the world, the three time WNBA Champions Seattle Storm, the Super Bowl  XLVIII Champion Seahawks, the Heritage Cup, Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup, Cascadia Cup and M.L.S. Cup Winning Sounders FC, 2018 Major League Rugby Champions Seattle Seawolves, the Mariners, the Super Sonics (they’ll be back baby!), the Fremont Troll, Cupcake Royale, a freakin’ monorail, Macklemore, Dick’s Drive-In, GeekWire, more coffee kiosks than McDonalds locations, KEXP, MoPop museum, dozens of museums, Olympic National Park rainforest, the gayest city in America, the Ballard Locks, Seattle Center, Alki Beach, the most famous pink elephant car wash in the world, The Great Wheel, Emerald City Comic Con, Bumbershoot, Seafair, Seattle Interactive Conference, Fremont Solstice Fair, legalized marijuana, ten story tall trees, a city liaison to the startup community, a socialist city council member, fabulous drizzly rain, Snoqualmie Falls, a $15 minimum wage, … and we’re not your typical tech meetup.

New York Tech Meetup and Boulder New Tech seeded our format and community spirit, we added Pacific Northwest culture in, and we’ve passed the torch by mentoring the launch of New Tech Portland (an affiliate of New Tech Northwest). We also support preservation of  what’s great about Northwest culture with the hyper-growth that’s taking place across our great region, and partner with multiple non-profits to help our homeless friends get off the streets and back to their lives.

If you’re new to the Northwest or visiting us, plan your trip to Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Tacoma, Olympia or Portland around New Tech Events to get an aggregate of everything tech in the city , have a lot of fun, and make powerful connections.

Our events are on the 2nd Tuesday (Seattle), 2nd Wednesday (Tacoma; quarterly), 3rd Monday (our Portland affiliate),  and 3rd Tuesday (Eastside – Bellevue, Redmond & Kirkland), of every month. Add us to your calendar now!

We believe that the Northwest has the greatest tech community in the world, and that by working together and helping each other, we can help it continue to grow. Join us today to make great connections, have great fun and take your career or company to the next level through community support. Welcome to the community!

By CJ Sanchez (He/Him)
CJ Sanchez (He/Him) Career Coach CJ Sanchez (He/Him)