Employer-Led Workshops this Winter Quarter

Come learn from the industry experts themselves! This winter, the Career & Internship Center will be hosting Employer-Led Workshops where students can learn about pertinent career skills in each industry and ask questions of the employers. Each topic is unique so check out the descriptions of each workshop below. Space is limited so RSVP on Handshake and arrive early!

Jan. 22, 2020 | 12:30pm – 1:20pm | Mary Gates Hall 134 Lobby
PayScale Presents: The Secret Process Behind Compensation & Your First Job Offer
Curious about how compensation gets determined and what to do when you land a job offer? PayScale will lead this workshop for UW students on how to navigate your first job offer, what is happening on the company side when they extend an offer, and resources for how to be confident and professional when negotiating.

Feb. 4, 2020 | 2:30pm – 4:00pm | Mary Gates Hall 134 Lobby
Design Your Website with Wix
Join Wix staff to learn more about creating your online portfolio website. We’ll cover how to plan a website, how to use the Wix platform, and explore professional design features. Bring your laptop to discover the basics in creating a Wix website as well as features to take your portfolio to the next level.  And… a one-year FREE Wix premium plan to all attendees!

Feb. 26, 2020 | 12:30pm – 1:20pm | Mary Gates Hall 134 Lobby
Content Designing at Expedia: Insights from a UW Alum
Interested in the business powers of innovative and compelling content? Grace Swanson, UW Alum and Content Designer at Expedia, will lead this workshop on what it is like to be a content designer at Expedia. She will share about the skills she developed at UW that helped her in her career and some tips & tricks to make it in the industry.


By Mattie Bess
Mattie Bess Employer Relations Manager