8 Internships for Girls Who Code (Article Shared from Medium written by Kayla Matthews)

If you’re a budding young coder deciding on your career, you have a plethora of options. One path to consider is taking on an internship. Internships provide valuable work experience, allow you to get your foot in the door at top organizations and help you build soft skills in addition to honing your coding acumen.

Where should you begin your internship search? Your school guidance counselor or academic advisor can point you in the right direction. Additionally, here are eight fantastic internship opportunities for girls who code to explore.

1. Air Force Research Library Scholar Program

If you’re an undergrad or graduate student seeking a way to gain experience and earn income, this program could fit you perfectly. Don’t despair if you’re a high school student — they have programs where you can work alongside Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) scientists.

With several locations across the nation, students from all geographic regions can benefit. To meet eligibility requirements, you must adhere to GPA requirements as well as pass a vigorous security clearance — something that could possibly aid in your future job search.

2. Student Research Internship Program at the Scripps Translational Science Institute

You might know the name Scripps from your spelling bee days, but the organization performs extensive STEM research as well. If you’re considering going into a medical or health care field, you can participate in a summer research program as a high school student or undergrad.

High school students must reach 16 years of age prior to applying. You will receive school credit or transcript notation depending upon the parameters of your program. Scripps bases admission upon your qualifications and research interest, with those students showing strong aptitude in genomics given preference.

3. GoDaddy Internship

When a program’s graduates brag a 100% recommendation rate, you know you’re doing something right. Internet giant GoDaddy offers 12-week summer internships, and a full 95% of their interns convert to full-time roles at the conclusion of this period. If you’re getting ready to graduate, this offers a perfect career path to explore.

GoDaddy makes a strong commitment to diversity. They offer employee resource groups and make inclusion a part of their mission.

4. Riot Games

Do you eat, sleep and breathe video games? Are you seeking a paid summer internship opportunity where your employer provides a housing stipend and helps offset travel costs? Look no further than the Riot Games internships.

While the organization is no longer accepting applications for the 2019 summer season, the 2020 season will open in September. The interview process lasts approximately 2 weeks, so apply early.

5. New York Historical Society’s Student Historian Program

If you’re fascinated by electronic records and adore performing research, this internship may suit you perfectly. Unlike many other internships which take place only during the summer months, the New York Historical Society offers internships during the school year, too. Applicants can write an email expressing their qualifications for consideration into the program.

Applicants must be enrolled in grades 10–12 or entering their first year of undergrad. Those accepted must reside in or near the greater New York City metro area.

6. Microsoft High School Internship

Offering a paid, 10-week summer internship as well as a 3-day high school boot camp, tech giant Microsoft has much to offer western Washington area teens.

The program is open to high school juniors and seniors, and the company strongly encourages underrepresented groups like women and Native Americans to apply. The instructions do not specify a GPA requirement, simply the ability to attend the program for the full length of time.

7. Smithsonian Internship

The Smithsonian Institution offers a wide variety of internship opportunities for women in STEM fields and more. Internships run in the spring, summer and fall semesters. You can apply for a general internship, but they also have opportunities specifically for minorities. Once you find a specific internship that interests you, pay careful heed to the application deadlines.

8. The Library of Congress Internship

Like the Smithsonian, the Library of Congress offers a host of internships, but girls in fields of chemistry or forensic science can apply for the Preservation Science Volunteer Internship Program to learn how to properly document and preserve evidence.

Get your inner Dr. G., Medical Examiner hat on and get ready to help solve crimes through science. The skills learned transfer to any number of careers in the fields of applied chemistry and law enforcement.

Learn and Grow Through Internships

Internships offer a valuable way to launch your career or simply pad your resume. You increase your scientific and technical aptitude while developing soft skills like teamwork that employers covet. Get started on applying for your perfect internship today!

Article shared from Medium written by KaylaMatthews

By CJ Sanchez (He/Him)
CJ Sanchez (He/Him) Career Coach CJ Sanchez (He/Him)