Closing Soon: Applications for C21@Amazon and C21@Microsoft Externships

Employers are excited to hire students from the University of Washington. Students graduate from the UW skilled in various disciplines, practiced at navigating complex systems, and emboldened to embrace challenge and grow professionally; however, both students and employers report back:

There is a steep learning curve surrounding professional expectations.

What if, while still a student, you can expedite that learning curve – to both yours and an employer’s benefit?

C21: The Center for 21st Century Liberal Learning develops programming towards this goal and currently has an open application for the C21@Amazon and C21@Microsoft Externships.

These externships are short-term training programs intended for students to observe and practice professionalism with mentors from two of Seattle’s largest employers.

For many students, it takes practice to learn the expectations and flow of the University; similarly, it will take practice to learn the expectations and flow of career after student life. This next period of early career development can be exciting and challenging; through this externship, students opt to proactively engage with this challenge to continue to develop clarity and confidence around professional preparedness.


Here’s how it works:

-You have declared your major in the College of Arts & Sciences. Congratulations!

-You have engaged in your new academic home, and are starting to think about what life might look like after UW.

-You are ready to explore professionalization, so you decide to apply for the C21@Amazon and C21@Microsoft Externships.


Students should note that these externships are not intended as pathways to internships and jobs at the host companies; rather, they are exposures to fundamentals of professionalization and career development.


Please visit the C21 website to learn more or to apply for the program:

Deadline to apply: Wednesday, November 13th


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out:


By Ari Ortiz
Ari Ortiz