It’s Not Just Fun and Games. How to make the most of Game Testing Opportunities.

In the Seattle area we are lucky to have a great deal of video game companies that are working on large scale projects such as Bungie (Halo and Destiny) or smaller projects that work on our mobile devices. These companies will always be looking for people to test their products for Quality Assurance and many times they will have open calls for game testers. Aside from getting to play around with some up and coming titles, there are several benefits to game testing that you might not be aware of.

Networking Opportunities

While going in to participate in these quality assurance activities you will be interacting with several people currently working in the field of gaming. These are people who have tons of stories to tell you about how they started on their journey into game development as well as sound advice on things they wish they had known when starting. Use these opportunities to share with them your interests in game development and you might even find yourself with a mentor who wants to help you get there.

An Inside Look to the Culture of Game Development

Every industry has norms and culture that you can only really experience when you are immersed. By taking advantage of these opportunities you will be getting a glimpse of what the culture of that specific company is like or even what the field will be like. This can help inform your future decisions on where you would like to work and what parts of that culture are truly important to you.

Awareness of More Openings or Positions

While you are present in a company or team of developers you may hear about certain opportunities for internships or full time positions within the company for when you finish your degree. About 70% of job positions go un-posted on any websites or list serves so this can be an opportunity for you to hear about some of those positions that don’t make it onto LinkedIn or Handshake.


Whether it’s within the code or the game design itself, you will be working in creative field and there are many people who will be working on amazing things. Look around you and what you will be testing and use those components to find inspiration in your own work. These tricks and tools can help you develop your own style and enrich your projects so that you can build your portfolio with these new experiences.

If you are living in the Seattle area check out WB Games  for some game testing opportunities.

By CJ Sanchez (He/Him)
CJ Sanchez (He/Him) Career Coach CJ Sanchez (He/Him)