Turning a cause you care about into a career

As a student, it can be difficult to see the connections between the causes you care about or places you volunteer and your career path. You may have heard people tell you that your social justice work isn’t a real job or that you’ll never make any money pursuing a career in education or working for a nonprofit. But the reality is that your commitment to helping others and focus on social causes can serve as a launching point for your career. 

Check out this article from The Muse to read some interviews with global activists, educators, and nonprofit leaders who found ways to turn the causes they care about into a successful career. Then think about some of the people or organizations working locally on the issues that matter to you and try to set up a career conversation. The advice and insight you gain might lead you to some unexpected and exciting career pathways.

By Caitlin Goldbaum
Caitlin Goldbaum Career Coach Caitlin Goldbaum