Try out career ideas with mini experiments

Have a career idea (or seven) but aren’t sure yet about pursuing it? Try out career options with small experiments. Examples of mini experiments are informational interviews, one-hour job shadows, one-day volunteer projects, attending a relevant Career and Internship Center event or visiting a student club. Still interested in the career option after a few small experiments? Try a bigger experiment, like a project-based class in your field of interest, a quarter-long internship, or an on-campus job.

While experimenting, keep track of your observations and activities—what do you enjoy most? What was most intriguing? What was least interesting and why? What do you want to learn more about next? These reflections can provide the basis for determining your next mini career exploration experiment and valuable data for planning your career options after graduation.

By Catherine Basl
Catherine Basl Career Counselor Catherine Basl